About Me

Hi! I am Glennda, also known as GiGi. I am a 36-year-old mother to two wonderful girls, Kenya (11 years old) and Kennedi (a year old). Kenya SAVED me and Kennedi PURPOSED me (head over to my blogs and you will see what I mean). I am a somewhat of an introvert, not the socially awkward type. However, I do prefer my alone time (more like time where no one is around but my kids and my love). Being somewhat of an introvert, I am honestly shocked that I made the decision to start a blog!

Yay! For all the moms out there!  Mom Chronicles was created because I wanted and needed a place to channel all of my thoughts and extra energy (what little I have left at the end of the day). What better way to do that, than to create a blog?

Mom Chronicles is also a place for other moms to come read about what their fellow mamas are going through, share your experiences through guest posting, gain knowledge, be transparent, and most of all, a place where THOU SHALL NOT (picture me yelling, in that mom voice we ALL have and USE) be judged on how we nurture our babies.

My girls are my entire life! Life without them wouldn’t be worth living or loving! After all, it is because of our tiny humans, that we do our BEST work, strive to be our BEST, and LIVE our BEST lives! To know me is to LOVE me! I can only be me on the level that God created me to be. Occasionally you will see me say *Sorry I went for a walk on the wild side* (that simply means I had a moment of reflection or I could have gone off on a tangent, I apologize for it now). I promise I am sane (for the most part)! I just so happen to be one of those moms who loves her kids to life and I will go all out “momma bearish” on you or anyone else for them, I mean who wouldn’t? Lastly, no my blog/website won’t look like yours, hers, or theirs (whomever they are), because it’s MY BLOG/WEBSITE! So, take it easy and just enjoy the content!

Loving Motherhood!

*Girl Mom*

OH! How could I ever forget, aren’t they the cutest girls you ever did see? 

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