My Dearest Kenya & Kennedi

My Dearest Kenya & Kennedi

Hey Y’all!!! Being a mother is one of life’s greatest blessings any woman could receive. My daughters are my entire world. Therefore, I took a MOMent from “mom-ing” and sat down to write them their first of many letters. Below is how I feel about being a mother, not just a mother, but a mother to daughters. Enjoy the journey!

My Dearest Daughters (Kenya & Kennedi),

“If I could be given any gift imaginable, one that would make me happy beyond word…. the gift I’d choose would be you…. each and every time” *Terry Bairnson*

There will come a day that I will no longer be present, physically. Which is why we make memories, because I will forever be in your hearts and you in mine. There is so much I want for you girls in this life, as well as to tell you both, about life.

Having the two of you, both saved my life and purposed my life. Before I had children, I wasn’t sure where my life was headed or if it even had meaning to it. There were days I would look at myself and question my existence and what purpose my life had. Little did I know that my life had endless amounts of purpose and meaning. There were things that I never would have accomplished or even dared to do until the two of you came along. My brown beauties, mama loves you, beyond measure.

” When I tell you I love you, I don’t say it out of habit or just to say it. I say I love you, to remind you that you’re the best thing to ever happen to me (yes both of you).” * Glennda Benson*

I often sit and wonder what the two of you will be like when you grow older. Where will life lead you? Who will look after you if something happens to me? Will they do a job well done? Will you make the right choice or the wrong ones? No matter the choices, I will always love you. Will you make choices or mistakes, that will cost you more than you intend on paying, or will they reward you more than your heart could ever imagine? There are so many concerns and worries that are endless.

As your mother I want to protect you forever and shield you from the hardships in life, but I realize that I cannot do this always. As a mother I naturally want what’s best for you, I always will. In this life, we must make our own choices. With that being said I know you will make choices that I may not always agree with, but I encourage you to be you and I will always support you.

Life will be a melting pot of things, but remember, life is what you make it! I trust that the two of you will do just that, make this life your own life (be sure to color outside the lines). Make life a beautiful one no matter what comes your way.

I look at the both of you every day and I am overwhelmed with joy, because God showed me just how much he loved me when he gave me you. The two of you are my heart and soul. Words can’t be penned to paper to express how much the two of you mean to me or how much I love you. My love for you goes deep, and the gratitude I feel are limitless. Remember that no matter what comes or goes, my love for you is eternal. Wherever you go, there too will be my love and support. You will always be my life’s greatest gift!

You are my life’s greatest gift,

Love Mom

Children touch the hearts of parents in countless ways. Their kindness, intelligence, innocence, beauty, friendship, and love are gifts to everyone around them. Please leave a comment below and tell me how your child(ren) touches your heart. What is that one special thing they do or say to make it all better? How did your child impact your life? Or what special memory do you hold dear of them?

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