A Queen, Raising Royalty, in “America” !

A Queen, Raising Royalty, in “America” !

Firs off, I should NOT have to preface this by saying that I am NOT a racist. Those who KNOW ME, KNOW that about me! (*eye-roll*) However, the world we live in today will focus the spotlight on something that is really nothing and try to make it into something! I am PRO BLACK! HELL! I’M BLACK! So, I should be about my race and for my race; especially when they are killing us off like flies and for sport. I am actually all about every race, culture, etc. sticking together.

“WAKE UP Y’ALL! They are killing our babies!” * Jennifer Lewis*

Yesterday, two things smacked me right in the face. The first was an interview I was watched on The Breakfast Club between Charlamagne, Angela Yee, DJ Envy and Jennifer Lewis, The Mother of Black Hollywood (google her name if you don’t know her). During that interview she was very adamant about the treatment of our brown babies and millennials. They are literally wiping our babies out! As a mother to two brown girls, I am literally concerned on a daily basis!

I can recall a time where this wasn’t the front page of the news paper or the headlines of the news, that doesn’t mean it wasn’t happening, it simply wasn’t publicized as much. Nowadays it’s like they get a slap on the wrist for taking someone’s life, while we are incarcerating people for not reporting income (look up Dallas Dance, the youngest, black superintendent in Baltimore). He got more time behind bars than a murderer. The second thing to tick me off and make me madder than 100 hornets, was a statement a GROWN woman said to my child and her 10-year-old friends.

This woman had the audacity to tell my child’s friends that “she was a white woman who was raged and would call the cops on little black boys who took a toy from her son and they would come get them because she was white and they were black.” What the heck!?!? That BOTHERED ME TO NO END! Who says that to kids? But the saving grace of my baby and the fact that she asked me not to get out of character, spared her from my wrath! You see, I was irritated because I would NEVER threaten anyone’s child with something like that. Especially the way the world is today. As you can see, that lady woke the mama bear in me and as stated in my about me page, I will go ALL OUT MAMA BEARISH on anyone who threatens my kids. But I have to use wisdom when doing so.

I am RAISING ROYALTY people. Therefore, I want my girls to know that the color of their skin doesn’t diminish who they are, nor does it mean they hold less value than others. The content of their hearts and their character defines them, they hold priceless value; because they are rare. Daily I tell my little brown girls that they are SOMEBODY! They are ROYALTY! A CHOSEN VESSEL! A ROYAL PREISTHOOD! Not just because the bible says so, but because I believe that they really are! My girls can and will be anything and anyone they want to be.

The other day Kenya broke out singing “I know I can, be what I wanna be, If I work hard at it, I’ll be where I wanna be” by Nas. I turned around and asked her what she knew about that? I then told her to go look up the lyrics and see what he was really saying, don’t just catch the beat, but HEAR the words, CATCH the meaning, UNDERSTAND what he is saying. You see, I am RAISING ROYALTY! My brown babies will be something GREAT! THEY MATTER! I have two princesses that will one day become Queens. RAISING ROYALTY!

For me there’s more than 18 things I want my girls to know…. there’s a HOST of things I want them to know. I want them to know that they are loved, they matter, they are princesses who will grow up to be QUEENS! They are ROYALTY, because I am RAISING ROYALTY! You see if I don’t speak life to them and show them that they matter, someone else will come along and “try” to demean them, “try” to diminish their value, etc. These folks won’t be successful at stealing my babies worth and value because they will already know THEY MATTER! For you see, I am RAISING ROYALTY! It saddens me that the generation growing up today will never truly be able to walk freely and without fear, UNLESS America changes. Cover your babies in prayer! For you see, you too are RAISING ROYALTY!

In my quest to raise ROYALTY, I am sure to pour into my babies daily. Be sure to pour into your babies as well in your quest to raise ROYALTY! The world will be abrasive as is towards them, no need for them to experience this at home. BELIEVE in them and let them know with your actions that you believe in them. Teach your babies to love and to think for themselves.  Support them!

“no one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin, of his background, or his religion. People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for loves comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite.” -Nelson Mandela-

I have never been more scared for my babies than I am today. Raising Royalty isn’t easy you see, for it comes with a price. That price is laying down the fleshy side that wants to snap the heck out! Because I am constantly clarifying or talking to them and letting them know that “no baby your skin isn’t too dark, no matter what you have been told or called”. “No baby your hair isn’t nappy, define nappy!?” “No baby your lips aren’t too big, people are paying good coins to have lips like ours!” Straighten your crown back up, keep your head held high, and look forward, for nothing behind you is of value. It’s in the past because it has served its purpose. Move forward! RAISING ROYALTY isn’t easy! It will forever be a learning experience because daily new things will manifest but never give up on the quest.

I encourage us all to teach love and not hate. What that woman said to my baby and her friends was a way to make them feel inferior, but inferior they are not. They hold immeasurable value! Always will!

A Queen, Raising Royalty!


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