Daddies & Daughters…..Unbreakable Bonds!

Daddies & Daughters…..Unbreakable Bonds!

When I look at Kennedi’s father, my heart melts at the way he loves her. He lives by the three P’s in his relationship with her. He Provides for her, by any means necessary. He protects her, like a lion over his cub. He professes his love for her, simply by being there for her. His relationship with her is the best example of what a father daughter relationship should look like. Their bond is unbreakable!

The words strength, courage, wisdom, love, protection, guidance and a host of others come to mind, when thinking of what describes a father. A father is a guiding light, by which his daughter finds her way around the world. The standard by which his daughter will judge all men. So, please be sure that you are the living example of the type of man you would be ok with your daughter marrying.

Fathers and daughters share special bonds. They are like three strand cords, which cannot easily be broken. They only seem to deepen as the years go by. Too often you are misunderstood but, yet you are one of the most wonderful people on the planet. You have been conditioned over the years to show no emotions, but if given a glimpse into your heart, there you will find you are sentimental, caring, loving, “soft” even, especially for your little girl.

Often, he is too busy with the growing pains of life and trying to survive the rat race, that the sentimental stuff (soft emotional stuff) gets left to the mother. Yet, you are wonderful in a million different ways. You strive to make your family proud of you and to bring them a sense of happiness, by doing what you must to survive.

You can give your daughter the greatest gift in life simply by loving her mother, so she knows what love looks like when it finds her. Believe in your daughters along the way. For it is through you, she learns her value. So please teach them to value themselves. Teach your daughters their value by letting them know they are Queens and they are to be treated as such. Do this by treating her mother as such, a Queen!

A father is someone to look up to, no matter how tall you grow. No matter how old she may be, sometimes a girl just needs her dad. Please be sure to be there when daddy’s little girl comes running. Be sure to take lots of pictures with your children and their mother. You may not think they are important now, but they will be one day, especially when they are all you have left.  Shower her with love, hugs, and kisses, so when she is older she will know what love feels like, for you are her first love. Teach her to esteem her self so high, that she does not look for her value in others. Do this by esteeming her mother in high regards. Also teach her that she is not better than the next person, for she too will fall and will have to get back up.

Always remember you are your daughters first love. So be kind, be loving, be transparent, be honest, be faithful, be committed, but most of all BE THERE!

Daddy’s Girl

♥ Glennda ♥

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