Freedom, where are you?……..I don’t want a career!

Freedom, where are you?……..I don’t want a career!

Beyoncé said it best when she said

Freedom Freedom, I can’t move! Freedom cut me loose! Freedom Freedom where are you? Cause I need freedom too! I break chains all by myself! Won’t let my freedom rot in hell! I’ma keep running, cause a winner don’t quit on themselves!”

It been almost a month since I’ve returned to work from maternity leave and I realized something so profound……..I DON’T WANT TO WORK! Well at least not in the aspect of what work really is, meaning I want to do what I LOVE! Doing what I love will afford me the freedom to be with my kids, after all they are only young once! I already know some of you reading this are probably thinking, what on earth…she just wants to sit at home and do nothing! My tax dollars won’t be paying for that! PAUSE!!! PUHLEASE!

When I was out on maternity leave, I realized that what I loved most was being with children, my children! I also realized that I loved being my own boss, in control of my own day, spending insane amounts of time with Kenya & Kennedi, and calling the shots! I mean after all what grown person really wants to ask another grown person for permission to attend their child’s 5th grade graduation? Or to come in late so she can be there for her child’s first day of middle school? NOT ME! Especially after realizing that I really am just a number for and to someone else’s business and I am only as good as the last dollar that I made them!

For every hour I spend at an establishment making them billions of dollars a year, I am giving up valuable and irreplaceable time that could be better spent with my children! The people whom I know will appreciate it most! I want to make memories with my children that last a lifetime, but in order to do so, I have to have freedom! To be in my children’s memories tomorrow, I have to be in their lives today! I don’t want to look back one day and have to tell either one of my girls “I’m sorry I wasn’t there , work had me tied up!” They won’t understand that, all they will know is “my mommy wasn’t there!”

Raising your children, being there and living in the moment is the most important work you will ever do! They are only on loan to us for so long, cherish every moment! Time is precious and I intend on spending it with people I like! My family is everything to me!

Chasing My Freedom!


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