Your life is not your own, be the Mother they brag about!

Your life is not your own, be the Mother they brag about!

The other day I was having a conversation with a friend…we were catching up with each other. We both just had babies, her son just started school as well as my daughter, and life has being passing by. During that conversation we talked about everything under the sun, but the part that stood out to me most was where she mentioned I was an inspiration to her, she ended the sentence with saying “your life (talking about me) is not your own.”

Day after day we as women sacrifice and often times we feel it goes unnoticed (most times it doesn’t and others it does). The pressures of life and the daily grind will have us so worn that we end the day feeling as tho we might not have gotten it just right for the day. The pressures of the media and society to look a certain way, making us desire to be something or someone we weren’t created to be, have more than we need, etc. will leave us vulnerable to become something or someone we are not!

However! On that day, she assured me that I was doing it just right and more of an inspiration than I knew. It was in that moment that I realized, I’m not doing such a bad job after all and that people really are watching regardless if they make it known or not. I reciprocated the words, because she too is doing a wonderful job. I also told her I wished we as women encouraged, exhorted, edified, and even congratulated one another more, but we don’t. Instead we choose to demean, bash, discredit, reject, blaspheme or murder one another.

Women, do you know how powerful we would really be if we celebrated one another more? Linked up more? Acknowledge? Supported? The answer is, we don’t or we would do all the above more. Just to be one spot ahead, one square foot of house bigger, current year car better, butt bigger; all the while we are not being the true beacon of hope someone needs to see.

There are testimonies trapped inside each one of us, waiting to come out. Tell me, what would happen if you told your story? A life would be saved? Someone’s life would be worth enhancing or living? We never know where we will end up in life, but wouldn’t you feel better knowing your life helped save another?

We are none worthy of comparison as we were all created as individuals. So be that testimony that others need to see and that mother that your children brag about! You see for years and I mean YEARS I counted myself out, compared myself, diminished myself, even held myself back because I didn’t want my light to shine too bright and dim someone else’s. But baby one day I woke up and said “the hell with being less so others could be more while I suffered!”

So women even when you don’t know what you want to do, always know WHO you want to be…..Smart, Powerful, Resilient, Supportive, Worthy, Enough, Aware, CEO, President, Entrepreneurs, etc.

The Mother They Brag About!


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