Chapter 36

Chapter 36

“Life for me ain’t been no crystal stair. It’s had tacks in it, and splinters, and boards torn up, and places with no carpet on the floor—Bare. But all the time, I’se been a-climbin’ on, and reachin’ landin’s….” ~Langston Hughes~

In approximately 36 days, I will be entering chapter 36! So I wanted to take the time to reflect on life and how it’s been to me by listing 36 things I’m grateful for or I can’t live without! I chose to open this blog up with a snippet of Langston Hughes’ “Mother to Son” poem because it’s so fitting for how life has been for me, yet still I choose to be happy! I no order of importance here are 36 things I’m grateful for:

  1. Turning 36! Look mama I made it! Life could’ve been over for me over 11 or so years ago as I contemplated ending it! Thank God I was strong enough to fight to live and not take my life.
  2. My Mental Health! Baby, this one is soooooo IMPORTANT! I’ll lose everything else BEFORE I lose my mind! I CHOOSE ME!
  3. I had a baby at 35! 3+5=8 (my favorite number, which also means new beginnings)! God saw fit to give me another beginning and chance to be a mother again.
  4. Love! Its so freeing to love and be loved, after all it is the greatest commandment! I never thought I could love again after some of the blows life dealt me. Yet I LOVE so freely! To love is to be vulnerable. No risk, no reward!
  5. Jeffrey! Love of my life, you are my friend! He’s flawed, yet he’s so darn perfect for me! He will give his right arm if it meant saving my life. The way he loves my girls and me, still scares the holy heck out of me! He is my BEST FRIEND! He knows me almost better than I know myself!
  6. Kenya! She is such a brilliant little girl who saved me! It’s because of her I made a conscious choice to keep living instead of ending life. To know her is to know FREEDOM, LOVE, LAUGHTER, JOY! She believed in me when no one else did and she PUSHED me to start my blog Mom Chronicles.
  7. Kennedi! She gave me purpose! Because of her I learned I wanted to be a stay at home mom/run my own business! She is my little CAREFREE, HAPPY, SMILEY, LOVING BABY!
  8. My Mother! She is the perfect example of strength clothed in humility!
  9. My Fathers! I have two dads! They both love me differently yet the same! They are true examples of what love in male form looks like.
  10. My Siblings! I love each of them differently. They have become my rocks over the years.
  11. My sense of smell, sight, touch, and hearing! Seeing, smelling, hearing, holding, kissing, loving, embracing, etc. my girls gives me LIFE. And a life worth living!
  12. Knowing my value! Because I was able to know my value, a few weeks back I was leaving a company and they wanted me to stay. I said on my terms and with an increase in pay ( a figure I set, not them) and it happened.
  13. My Bestest (Jennifer)! She has taught me so much and she isn’t even aware. She gave me a chance at friendship and filled a hole in my soul over 15 years ago. No matter how far away we are, how little we talk, how many years pass by before we see one another, she never waivers. She is a friend that sticks closer than a brother, just as the Bible states!
  14. Mom Chronicles! This my MY BLOG, my baby, my vision, that started in my living room as a joke and came to life, because Kenya pushed me, Jeffrey encouraged me, and I believed in me and DID IT.
  15. My Truck! Its the FIRST car I’ve ever had that I PURCHASED and was titled in my name. It took me 35 years to have a car I didn’t have to borrow or even ask anyone to sign the tile over to me, so for that I am grateful.
  16. Second chances! Without them we wouldn’t know that we could make it. I couldn’t imagine not being given another chance at life and missing out on being a mother to the two most awesome girls in the universe.
  17. Self care! Everyone deserves to recharge and be selfish and invest in themselves. You can’t pour from an empty vessel.
  18. Kennedi’s daycare provider! She cares for her like she’s her own. In this day and age great child care is hard to come by!
  19. Being a BLACK WOMAN! THIS HERE MAGIC! Often imitated, yet unable to be duplicated! We are powerful, resilient, strong, educated, rising to the top, etc.
  20. Gratitude! It keeps me humble, by letting me know that all things are a privilege and not an entitlement!
  21. Fall, the season. I love the fall. It’s my favorite season. I love boots, sweaters, and scarves, oh my! Plus I love all things pumpkin, except pie. It’s a season where life starts all over again and the colors are beyond beautiful!
  22. Thanksgiving. It’s my favorite holiday because I get to see all my family at once. It’s also a time for giving thanks!
  23. Music! Heck yeah! I don’t have a lick of rhythm BUT BABY music is my happy place! When I’m down, it picks me up! When I’m up, it takes me all the way up!
  24. Alone time! It is in my alone time that I find ME! It is also in this alone time that I REFILL, REJUVENATE, RELEASE! Being alone brings me so much joy! Which is also a part of my self-care.
  25. She –> Her–> ME! BABY….hear me when I tell you I am GRATEFUL for ME! It took some time to become the woman, mother, daughter, sister, friend, and wife that I am! #SheReady
  26. Twizzlers! Those little red twisty pieces of licorice make me happy inside!
  27. The freedom to pray! Do I really need to say why? Prayer has saved and changed me.
  28. A place to live! In the state I live in you can turn every corner and see someone homeless!
  29. My voice! You WILL HEAR ME! And in hearing me you will know how to and how NOT to treat me! Or else! Just that simple!
  30. Fans! Yes lord, FANS! I cannot sleep without one. No matter the time of year or weather outside!
  31. My relationship with God! He is my source!
  32. Selfies/Pictures! Creates lasting memories for me to look back on and remember the good time that was had at that moment.
  33. Books! I LOVE to read. It’s so liberating! Knowledge really is POWER!
  34. Food! I’m such a foodie. I LOVE to eat!
  35. Life and Growth! Life is precious and so unpredictable, therefore I am GRATEFUL! Growth is an option and I am on my journey to become ME more than anything or anyone else.
  36. Mental Health! I will lose and walk away from everything and everyone BEFORE I lose my mind!

Life’s too short, just be HAPPY!

Gracefully turning 36!


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