Meatless Loaf Recipe

Meatless Loaf Recipe

Who would’ve thought that I would’ve been eating a meatless loaf or meatless anything for that matter, says the girl who LOVED her some meat! Well guess what, I am and I will continue to. I CANNOT and WILL NOT give up fish of any kind and seafood, so don’t ask!

Anyways, this past Sunday I wanted meatloaf and I wanted it BADLY! But I have given up meat months ago and I don’t have a desire to go back to it. So I said let me see what I can find in these cabinets to substitute for meat and add the ingredients that I normally added in my meatloaf when I was a carnivorous being.

Upon ransacking my cabinets and freezer I came across several ingredients that I hoped and prayed would work, I threw them together and made some serious BLACK GIRL MAGIC! Meatless loaf! Even my pickiest of eaters daughter Kenya devoured a piece, that is until she came across a minced piece of onion. It was over after that for her!

Anytime I make a meatless meal that would normally have called for ground meat of any sort I revert to using one of my favorite plant protein crumble substitutes, the brand is called Lightlife and they make several different plant protein substitutes for meat. 


· 2 12oz packs of Lightlife Smart Ground Original Crumbles

· 1 small white onion

· 1 large egg (beaten)

· ¼ cup of bread crumbs (I used Italian or garlic herb flavored)

· 5-6 baby bella mushrooms

· ½ green bell pepper

· ½ red bell pepper

· ½ yellow bell pepper

· ½ orange bell pepper 

· 1 packet of beefy onion flavored Lipton Soup

· 1 handful of spinach

· Pink Himalayan sea salt

· Garlic and Herb season

· Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ Sauce ( whichever flavor you prefer)


1.       Preheat oven on 375 degrees while mincing your veggies. If you have a food processor (Jeffrey purchased one for me for Valentine’s Day, it’s THE BEST gift) you can put all the veggies in here together and mince away, if not, the old fashion by hand way works too.

2.       Spray the sides and bottom of a loaf pan with non-stick cooking spray. In a large bowl dump all of your ingredients at one time, including the beaten egg. Mix them well but don’t over mix as it will cause the loaf to be tough and rubbery like.

3.       Once all the ingredients have been well mixed together, place them in the loaf pan, cover with foil, and then into the oven.

4.       Cook the loaf in the middle of the oven on 375 for 30 minutes covered, then remove the foil and cover the loaf with the BBQ sauce or Ketchup whichever you prefer to use. Finishes cooking for 15 minutes, once done, ENJOY!

Meat Free!


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