I did the D**N thing and started another business!

I did the D**N thing and started another business!

I started MomChronicles.org back in 2018 after giving birth to my last child! I have ALWAYS wanted an outlet and place to speak my mind (My way on my terms) as a woman, mother, and wife! What started as a dream and a joke between Kenya, Myself and Jeffrey (my love), very quickly became reality. Kenya is the real MVP as she hyped me up to start the blog and so I did!

In April 2019, I founded my company Nyelle Creations, however it was birthed long ago when Kenya was a tiny tot! The name Nyelle originated as a combination of both Kenya and Kennedi’s middle names (Nyra and Noelle). At the age of two Kenya was diagnosed with eczema and I personally did/do not like taking medication of any kind so I couldn’t fathom putting steroids in or on my baby. So I began to do some research and came across a plethora of articles with the same key words, natural, Shea butter, moisturized, etc……so I began (almost 9 years ago now) making my own soap, sugar scrubs, toothpaste, and whipped shea butter! I wanted as close to natural as possible products to use on our skin.

Fast forward to 2018 and having my last and final baby, who was also diagnosed with eczema, I said well I already know the cure to fight against it so let me continue the trend. Back In April, I attended a Farmers Market here in Baltimore where I live and I saw so many people that looked like myself (brown women, of all ages) at this market and I said “this could be me, but what could I sell at the market?” I had no clue at that time, so I went home and was sharing with my family yet another idea I had and yet again they supported me. I began to research platforms to sell my products on and began pushing my products on Instagram first and then Etsy! Once word go out, the love began to flow and since then, the support has been phenomenal!

I must say before the support and before actually launching my business, there was plenty of self doubt! I doubted whether I was called to do this? Was this my lane? What if people don’t support? What if they do and I can’t keep up with my orders? Why should they support me? Are my products reasonably priced? What if my products aren’t good enough? Etc.

Yet again I shared all my fears with my two biggest supports Kenya and Jeffrey, who both said what do you have to lose? NOTHING AT ALL! So, FINALLY I hit the launch button on Etsy and never looked back! I must say it has been so FREEING working for myself and doing what I LOVE and what makes me happy all while keeping others moisturized, smooth, and clean! This feeling, my blog, and my business offers me a sense of FREEDOM I’ve never had before in life.

So if you have a dream or vision, don’t think of it as too big or small, because it is not small at all. Small beginnings lead to great big humble endings. Despise not the small beginnings because you never know who you will inspire, meet, save, or touch. If you have a dream share it with those closest to you as they will be the most honest and supportive. Block out the negativity and press forward! Just do it, as you only get one life to live and love, so live it doing what makes you feel free and happy!

Visit my Etsy site at Nyellecreations.etsy.com

I am also available for vendor requests! Submit all requests to nyellecreations@gmail.com



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